Our Story by founder Souheil


In 2018, we adopted my pup Chance. 

While shopping around for my pup Chance, I found myself resorting to many inconveniences. 


Aside from the crate, I also end up separately buying a bed, a carrier, a camera, a heating pad for the winter, I kept the AC on in the summer even when I was out, I had to remember to keep the light on when I was staying out late, I hid my cage in the corner of my bedroom where guests couldn’t see it, and I did many more easily avoidable things. 

As a designer, I decided to approach this problem from the bottom up. What if we stopped thinking of this as a crate, and thought of it as a dwelling, or a home, with two users, me and Chancey.


The first inhabitant of The Petite Pup

2019 Mon Chien Inc.

Designed with love in Los Angeles, CA.