The Petite Pup

Your pup's personal sitter

Get one product, replace ten

Declutter your home and phone by combining your doggy essentials in a single package, all while creating a cozy micro-environment for your pup.


The onboard interface ensures round the clock control.

Motorized drapes

Drop the drapes to transform your den into an enclosed crate.

Embedded heating

The interior bed features an embedded heating element.

Store your stuffs

Keep all your pup's essentials in the built in drawers.


Various sensors work to correct for unsuitable environmental conditions.

Rounded edges

Filleted corners and solid walls create a safe and soft environment.

Two floors

Maximize the space in your home by utilizing a second bedded level.

Go for a walk

Detach the stairs to transform your den into a carrier.


Make sure your pup is never left in the dark again, thanks to the sensors and lighting systems in the den.

Interact with the app!

Home automation meets your furry compadre.

A hidden microprocessor controlled by the onboard touch screen and your smartphone gives you full access to your pup's environment. Sensors, heaters, fans, motors, and cameras all work together to ensure your pup's health, safety, and comfort.

Darlene H Geekie RVT

Veterinary Angels Medical Center, CEO

The Little Angels Project, Founder/Director

"The Petite Pup is the most innovative den I have seen. The technology is by far the best, leaving anyone who uses it knowing their pet is safe and comfortable in any situation and at all times."

Yours to personalize, monitor and manage.

Pick your color

Mark your territory

Swap out our logo out for your pup's name.

Pick your material

Washable cushions

Easily remove, wash, and replace the beds, cushions, and pads.


Isolated wiring

All wires are hidden behind thick chew-proof walls.

A 21st-century solution, for

a 21st-century pup

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