You've never seen a crate like this

Discover The Petite Pup. Everything you need to support a safe, cozy, and effortless petship.

Anti-anxiety design

Thick walls padded with plush, noise dampening cushions create a cozy safe space for your pooch to rest their head.

Baby & puppy safe environment

Rounded edges, solid walls and the lack of large holes create a safe environment for all your little ones.

Faux sherpa 

Tight-knit canvas

Vet approved

Darlene H Geekie RVT

"The Petite Pup is the most innovative den I have seen. The technology is by far the best, leaving anyone who uses it knowing their pet is safe and comfortable in any situation and at all times."

Veterinary Angels Medical Center, CEO

The Little Angels Project, Founder/Director

Access to space you never knew you had

Detachable stairs provide smaller pups with access to the second level and high furniture.

Organize and store your essentials

The two drawers provide space for clothes, accessories, and treats.


Lock the drapes to ensure your pup is safe and secure inside.


Remove the upper bed and stairs to transform your den into a carrier.


Use the handle provided to whisk your pup away to unsniffed lands.

Peace of mind

Secure your pup and home with video history, smart alerts, and other software perks.

Light up their world

Control the interior and exterior lights from anywhere in the world with a touch.

Manage and stay informed in one place


Two cameras, interior and exterior, provide a window into your pup's environment.

Scheduling system

Plan visits with your local vet, groomer, and canine community.

Health center

Get all your most important questions answered quickly. No ads or clickbaity, drawn-out articles.

And lots more to come ...

*Some features will not be available on day one. New features and software will be added with every App and Petite Pup wireless update.

Warm winters. Cool summers

Automatically regulate the interior climate based on vet-recommended conditions for your specific pup.

Imagine furniture that gets better with every update

With a single cable, The Petite Pup becomes the hub for all your pet-related technology.

All your pet hardware in one

Is it a bed? Is it a crate? Is it a house? All we know is it’s going to take your petship to the next level.

Some 🍒 on top

Try for 30 days

Month long trial period with money-back guarantee and free returns.*

We're a bark away

Reach out anytime through e-mail or our website chat window.

Safe and sound

No wires or electronics can be accessed by your little one.

Designed in LA

Designed, tested, and approved by LA's finest vets, pups, and engineers.

Machine washable

All cushions and pads are removable, replaceable, and washable.

5-year warranty

Our den will stay comfy and functional, but we're here if there's an issue.*

*Terms & Conditions apply. Additional shipping fees apply outside the contiguous US.

Will they fit?

We recommend The Petite Pup for dogs no larger than 16" in height, and 30lb in weight. You can use the calculator below to get an idea of the fit, then measure your pup to confirm.


If they are mixed, input their most dominant breed


Is your dog an adult?

Answer yes if they are older than 18 months

What's your dog's breed?

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